9:22pm January 13, 2014

So you know how after the PSAT college start like sending out masses of emails to people? Well since I put creative writing as my major, lots of liberal arts colleges have been sending me their little generic messages. I know they aren’t really anything to get excited about, but I’m a geek. I love these emails.
Anyways, I clicked on this one for Kenyon college even though it’s out in Ohio, which is not an ideal location for me. As I was looking through it, I came across the page in the second picture and found out MOTHERFUCKING JOHN GREEN WENT TO COLLEGE THERE.
I literally almost cried with happiness, like I can’t. Even if it’s just a generic thing, I feel kind of honored.

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    this thread is hysterical
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    the op literally says in the first post “even if it’s just a generic thing” there’s no need to be so rude you vapid...
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    yo this is not cool, op was just hyped that they got an email, so what if it’s because they love john green and he went...
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    christ what an ass-hole. oh but I’m sorry they’re naturally an ass-hole so its fine.
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    im crying
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